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Loan Options from Angus Health and Social Care Partnership

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Loan Options from Angus Health And Social Care Partnership

Angus Health and Social Care Partnership have a range of equipment solutions available for loan (free Of charge) from Independent Living Angus. Small adaptations can also be arranged once owner/ landlord permissions have been obtained, usually free of charge. There is a weekly cost associated With the community alarm and tele-care service.

It is very important that the Angus Health and Social Care Partnership know that the equipment they loan is suitable for both you, other household members and your home. You will need to follow the steps below before you can order a loan item.

Create an account for FREE
  • It is confidential
  • Click on the "Sign in or Register" button on the homepage
  • Sign in to your existing ADL account or register your details to create an account
  • Provide your basic details – name, email address and postcode. We ask For this information as we need to know that you are a resident in Angus.
  • Agree to the terms of use and privacy Policy referred to when signing in
  • Click on the "Resolve your everyday needs with a Self-Assessment" button on the homepage, then click on "Get started now". This will take you to a list of expert help apps. Select an assessment from the list.
  • Begin answering questions about yourself and your home
  • At the End of the questions you will be advised whether you have been matched with any suitable products. Any relevant safety notes will also be listed.
  • If you want to accept loan products, please confirm this by "Adding to loan basket"
  • We (Angus Health and Social Care Partnership) will contact you if we need any further information to support the ordering and delivery of the loan products.

Loan Equipment products will be loaned to you and we will contact you to arrange the delivery and installation of these items or obtain any additional information required to support your request. We may also visit you at home to review the suitability of the products for you and advise On the correct use of the products. If you have any queries about the loaning of equipment, please contact First Contact On or 01241 465274.

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